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Celebrate What Matters

Is There a reason to Celebrate

Celebrate What Matters

Join us for Week 1 of our message series “Celebrate What Matters” given by Fr. Michael White. Late Spring is traditionally a season of celebration.

We celebrate First Communions, Confirmations, Graduations, year end school celebrations too. Springtime is a favored time for Weddings and Baptisms, and often retirements are planned for this season, bringing more celebrations.

Celebration feeds a need in our soul. We need to celebrate what is important and what matters. The act of celebrating reinforces what we value and hold dear.

In this same way, every year in late Spring the Church celebrates four important feasts on four consecutive Sundays. They remind us of key truths of our faith and what is most important. In this series, we’ll look at these feasts and why they matter.

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