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Knowing God Better

An online Zoom Course

Hosted by Faith Development Ministries
Helping people to Know Jesus

Presented by David Payne.

David Payne is the Director of Catholic Evangelisation Services and is a well-known speaker in the UK and internationally, He is married, with a young family. He desires to see Catholics encountering God in a personal way, fully embracing the riches of the Church and finding new and creative ways to share their faith with others

About Knowing God Better

The Talks

1.  Knowing God Better
2.  Knowing God's Love
3.  Knowing God's Forgiveness
4.  Knowing God's Help
5. Knowing God's Word
6. Knowing God's Spirit
7. Knowing God's Hope

I want to join the Course,
7 - 8 pm Tuesdays
Tuesday, October 5