An eight-week journey through the Lord’s Prayer

The Sessions

The Prayer Course is split into eight sessions:


This is a Zoom Online Course

Attend the Course from the Comfort of your Home

Commencing Wednesday 14 April 7.30 pm
for eight weeks 
Finishing 2 June
Each Session approx one hour long

All you need is a computer or device with a webcam (Computer gives the best experience)

All registered participants will receive an email with a link to join the session.

Reminders will be sent to you by text.

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Why Pray?

Through the ages, prayer has changed attitudes, changed circumstances, changed minds, delivered wisdom, delivered resources, delivered deliverance, cured sickness, calmed winds, healed marriages, untangled financial knots, emboldened the pressed, expanded the gates of heaven, and brought life to those who were dead. In a word, prayer has mattered. And evidently, we believe it still does. Three out of four people claim to pray every single day, which means that in spite of our sometimes - fragile faith, we keep coming back to the idea that God is willing to hear us when we call, and that he is able to lend a helping hand.In short, this is why we pray.