The Gift

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“We need Spirit filled evangelisers fearlessly open to the working of the Holy Spirit” – Pope Francis


During a visit to the UK, while in discussion with David Payne, Director of CaFE, a need was identified for another DVD series in the CaFE Libruary of resourses.


We have a growing sense that the time is right to produce the powerful next piece of the Lord's jigsaw. 

We believe; 

    it is essential to lead CaFE people into a deeper experience of the Holy Spirit and the gifts etc

    it would then equip people to do the same unto others

    as a result it will produce a new much needed crop of inspired lay-leaders in the parishes

    it would be the perfect next step for the hundreds of conference attendees.​ | Catholic information, resources, training, Spiritual | Catholic information, resources, training, Spiritual