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Step Out in Faith: Exploring the Power of a Dangerous Prayer

Presented by Fr Michael White

At the Church of Nativity in Baltimore, Parish Priest Father Michael White shares a powerful message with his congregation about Dangerous Prayer. Father White is a well-known author, having written several books such as Rebuilt, Tools for Rebuilding, Rebuilding Your Message, Church Money, and Seriously God. Through his powerful and inspiring teachings, Father White encourages his parishioners to take risks in their faith and to pray boldly and courageously. He challenges them to open their hearts and minds to the power of prayer and to trust in God's plan for their lives. Father White's message of Dangerous Prayer is one that inspires his congregation to have faith, to take risks, and to trust in God's ultimate plan.

In this online Zoom Course, Topics we will Cover

  • Does my Prayer Matter?

  • Can Jesus Heal Me

  • Use Me, Send Me

  • It's All Yours

  • Thy Kingdom Come

  • A Prayer for Revival

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